While in Church on Friday night during the monthly vigil, the excitement was out of this world. I am grateful that I was there; I scarcely made it but for my wife, and this write-up is to her credit.

My wife and I have been in the office since morning fraught with meetings. In fact she had had a busier day a day before. On reaching home in the evening, she was meant to join the choir rehearsals at 7pm while I catch up by 9:30pm for the vigil. We needed to have a nap before anything else. A while later, I heard the sound of rain on the roof, and the next I knew, it was 10:45pm. My mind was already at the vigil but my body suggested that I needed more rest. I immediately woke my wife, presuming that the issue of the vigil will be shelved; for I figured that she needed more rest than I.

However, upon waking up, “what’s the time now?” she asked in frenzy. I told her, and asked, “Do you think we can still make it?” Surprisingly, she responded in the affirmative. That answer was the only boost to my attending that vigil. Whenever, I think of such possibility stance or boost from my wife, I always thank God for such a complementing partner.

Are you a young man or woman searching for a partner? I urge you to consider such attitude, mindset and zest towards the things that you value as a yardstick for making the right choice. My spiritual father calls such individuals “go-alongs” rather than “drag alongs.” It does not take eternity to decipher such. All you need is read in between the lines while chatting or on a date, day in and out. In case you are married and your partner seemed to be the contrary, with patience and determination, you too can work it out. 

May you find grace to do that today!