While in a meeting last Thursday, my phone beeped several times. At the end of the meeting, there  were  7  missed  calls  on  my  phone  screen,  and  surprisingly,  from  one  caller.

A couple of weeks back during a phone conversation, he promised to surprise me with a visit. However, I did not anticipate that the visit will be this soon.

Mr. Lambado and his wife, out of share benevolence provided me accommodation in 2005,   during my Post Graduate Studies at the University of Maiduguri. They lived in a four bedroom apartment with good facilities, and one of the bedrooms was reserved for me. 

The Lombados were good Christians; strong in faith and selfless. I remember how he had to travel down to Damaturu, Yobe State during our sons first birthday with two Chickens as gift, and how he was devastated upon discovering that one had died on the way.

The Lombados moved to jos, Plateau State in 2010 while my wife and I moved to Lafia a year later. Ever since the relationship has not been that cordial; I recall paying them a visit once only in 2013. The reason for the coldness is inexplicable.

Early this year however, after a moment of reflection, I decided to send a token to the wife as yet the expression of gratitude for the gestures of the yester years. Since then, the husband in particular has called me more than four times; it was one of those calls that ended with the promise to visit.

In my sitting room that day, he confessed that he had passed through Lafia (where I live) a number of times but had been reluctant to stop-by. Apparently, my pay-back gesture has performed the magic of jazzing up the friendship.

Have you lost friends or at the verge of losing a relationship, or bothered that the savour in your relationship has thinned out? This  story  is  perhaps a revealer that there is yet one more life-line available; that, one act; a visit, a call, a text message, a gift, and the likes can save the day,  heralding a more promising future. Start the process right away!