A recent event added to my insight on packaging. My wife and I have a nascent co-operative whose growth for the past three years has not been as expected.  Recently, we got a breakthrough, as some civil servants who work in the government house and deputy governor’s office signed up.

One morning, I called the field officer assigned there to reiterate that mere registering of new clients in both power houses is a golden opportunity but it should not stop there. She should double up in order to capture that entire market. I further gave her some “how to”; one of it is to appear smart and the reward that will likely follow, such as higher pay and possibly, connection to some bigwigs who make things happen.

 To my consternation, nothing really changed afterward. To validate that, one morning, while driving around the government house, I sighted her right at the gate shabbily dressed. The following day, I decide to replace her with another staffer. From that moment on, I have loss count of the number of new clients that have joined the business.  One evening, she signed new clients until at about 6pm. The following day, I joked that she should tell me the jazz that is giving her such a remarkable result.

What was the game changer? Apart from being beautiful to behold, this lady has a knack for neatness and colours; you might just mistaken her for a movie star. And her life is the better for it; this month her pay has almost doubled. For one, it boosts the confidence of clients; it makes them feel they are in safe hands, and it silences the voice of prejudices. When standards are low, it gives room to the underbellies of religious, tribal and regional sentiments.  Most times, when the service or delivery is topnotch, people hardly remember those trivialities.

No matter how outrageous your expenses may be; it may even require out of pocket spending, if it is on the path of excellence, I guarantee you will reap much more.  Go for excellence today!