One morning, I overheard two neighbours chatting about why some men have more than one wife. The conversation finally landed on one of our neighbours who wedded a day before. One of them used the analogy of buying additional car to drive home his point, saying that the expectation is that the new car should be better than the present. However, that was not the case with the neighbour in question. In his case, the second one was worse by all physical standards.

That chat reminded me of some of the pluses that motivated me to proposing to my wife. It all began in 2003. As soon as she heard of my father’s demise, she traveled from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria  (ABU) where she was an undergraduate down to my family home that evening to condole with me and other family members. Remember we had not started courtship at the time; it was just an honour to my office as the President of the Church Youth Department. In the sitting room, she squatted as she greeted my mum, and that really captivated me, for I was at the height of searching for a life partner at the time, and was looking out for a “cultured” woman, among other qualities. She just passed the test right there!

As you plan for courtship, one factor that accelerates your getting the right partner is the ability to outline clearly the qualities you desire in a woman. It goes something like; tall, handsome, beautiful, fair in complexion, and the likes. I must put a caveat here; focus on inner beauty than the opposite, as it is said, with the pancake of today, even a grandmother can look like a sweet 16. Generosity, hard work, humility, patience, a long list indeed is the core of this inner beauty. Although you may not end up with someone that scores all the 10 points, you will definitely get somewhere, and anything from 6 upward on a scale of 1-10 is appreciable. As you set out in the journey of searching, please do not go vague, carry along in your tool box these key desires.