One of the businesses we began some years ago had been overtaken by technology. The container/shop we had used had been earmarked for resale. We had few prospects but could not seal the deal due to poor offer.

Recently, a man showed up who offered to pay for it. My staffer who was saddled with the responsibility of handling the deal called to say the man has offered more than the price we had pegged. The following morning, the agent at the market who brought the buyer also called to inform me that the client had handed over the money to him, and told me the exact figure my staffer had disclosed.

A couple of days later, something happened in my office; someone wanted to play hanky-panky that I had to use the scenario of the container resale to highlight the need for integrity. I explained that if my staffer had lied about what the client was willing to offer, the call by the agent would have betrayed him.

This reminds me of a man who served as messenger to a senior officer in the civil service years back. The former was fond of not returning change after errand.

Years later, the boss was promoted to head a position abroad. Part of the package was to pick a servant along. He chose someone else.  Disgruntled, the messenger who had served for donkey years, sought for a reason by confronting his boss.  The boss reminded him of many occasions he never returned his change.

As you serve, take your eyes away from those pennies. Be faithful in service regardless of your boss’ attitude. When your cup of faithfulness is full, God in His infinite mercies will open doors for you. At such a ripe season, even your “stingy” or “wicked” boss cannot be a barrier.

Stay away from covetousness today!