BEING A MAN: Being in Charge


Last week, I wrote about a vigil that my wife and I had to attend. The story did not end in Church. Something quite dramatic happened. On our way home, about 6am, I drove straight to the Independent National Electoral Commission Office (INEC) to drop off a girl of about 25 years old who had been more or less our maid. On our way to the office, she protested that it was too early, she was hungry, she hadn’t refreshed, you name it! However, I was adamant, assuring her that the hunger will be addressed.

No Nigerian needs to be told that the 2023 elections will be a defining moment for the Country. I am one of those who is determined to see such a shift. While at home, I kept tabs on her by calling intermittently. Alas, she returned home at about 8:30pm with a slip as evidence that the mission had been accomplished.

I wonder how many men have the guts to be adamant the way I did. Many live in self delusion of “let me not rock the boat”, giving away their homes to decay, much to their regret.  A Man is a symbol of authority in the society hence to assume such role, some drastic measures must be taken, which may lead to offence at the onset but yield meaningful outcome ultimately.

Sometime back, I read that if you don’t want to offend anyone, go sell ice cream. Indeed, being a leader entails going against the grain sometimes. Some years ago, my wife told me about a drama between her and this same maid. While dressing up for an errand, there were two dresses lying on the bed. She pointed at the one she really wanted to put on but immediately advised herself, “Uncle wouldn’t permit this”. It was one of those gowns that now sit above her knees; for she had outgrown it. Even my wife knows I am no-nonsense in such parlance.

This brings to mind another drama some years ago while my son was in primary school. He was asked in school who his preference was between Dad and Mum. He simply replied that “Dad always beat me.” Whatever your interpretations, I call it discipline and being in charge.

Please, be in charge of your home! 

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